Where to lindy hop in New Orleans 101

Where to lindy hop in New Orleans 101
July 18, 2009
Kristy Buchanan

any lindy hoppers understand the importance of passing on the great American dance of lindy hop. They also realize that the more people they recruit to jazz dance, the more individuals there will be to dance with! If you happen to spot any lindy hop/jazz dancers out on the streets of New Orleans, feel free to speak with them about what they do and where they learned to dance. If you are interested in learning the basics of lindy hop and Jazz dancing in New Orleans, there are two wonderful venues to look into.

The NOLA Jitterbugs are a group of dance instructors who each specialize in their own form of jazz and swing dancing. Amy Johnson has 8 years of experience traveling and dancing worldwide. She is also credited as the founder of the national Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown competition. Shani Brown has 9 years of experience in swing, with her expertise in balboa. Chance Bushman is the program director of the NOLA Jitterbugs, and is also an accomplished lindy hop instructor, competitor, and social dancer both nationally and internationally.

Dance Quarter is another great venue offering lindy hop lessons for all ages by experienced instructors from different backgrounds. In the fall, winter, and spring lindy hop classes and social dances are organized by Nathalie Gomes (founder and co-owner of dancequarter.com). Nathalie is a world swing dance champion, holding every major title in the U.S. Summer time lessons and dances are provided by various lindy hop instructors yearly.

If you are interested in learning lindy hop and other forms of jazz/swing dancing, then take advantage of these two great venues in New Orleans! Asking questions and participating in local swing and jazz dance events is also a great way to learn. See you on the dance floor!
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