Successful season shines new light on New Orleans

Successful season shines new light on New Orleans
March 3, 2010
By Jacob Ross and Sean McGuire
Irish Eyes

he Super Bowl win against the Colts, 31-17 has recently had a significant impact on the city.
Across the nation people are seeing New Orleans in a different light; from a city that was almost underwater, to one that was brought together by a mutual love for their team.
Ben Johnson, Managing Director of the Chamber of Commerce said, “The country has identified our community as a reflection of the success of the Saints. The win demonstrated to the world that the city is back and vibrant. It shows that we successfully rebounded from Katrina.”
With key Saints players’ stats opening the front page of the ESPN website, New Orleans has certainly made an impact on the entire country.
“I think that for the last few years, people have been seeing New Orleans as just this place that was destroyed by a hurricane, but after this season, they see it as a place that has come together to support the Saints,” junior Erick Perdomo said.
With a world championship and the winning bid on the 2012 Super Bowl, New Orleans popularity has increased greatly this season. “The win reflects the city as an urban comeback center,” Johnson said.
With the “Who Dat” nation broadcasted across the world, New Orleans is now getting the positive media it deserves.
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