Nicholas Cage Buys "Kick Ass" Pyramid in New Orleans

Nicholas Cage Buys "Kick Ass" Pyramid in New Orleans
April 18, 2010
by Maelana N.

According to TMZ, Nicolas Cage has apparently bought himself a final resting place – in the form of a pyramid located in a New Orleans Cemetery. This has to be one of the strangest purchases I can think of – but then again we are talking about Nicolas Cage.

The pyramid is 9 feet tall and strangely reminiscent of the pyramid shape on the poster for “National Treasure”…which begs the question, what if he had thought to fashion his final abode after his latest movie, “Kick Ass”. Is the pyramid the appropriate place to house a super hero during his final days? Or should it really, truly have a cape?

It stands to reason that a man as bizarre as Nicolas Cage, who apparently (according to reviews) delivered an awesome performance as the Big Daddy super hero in “Kick Ass”, would choose a pyramid in the middle of New Orleans to lay in rest. Cause really, I think we can all admit that the dude is a little on the odd side. But kudos to him on his latest, strangest, purchase!
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