New Orleans Gentilly what a crying shame (VIDEO ON WEBSITE)

New Orleans Gentilly what a crying shame (VIDEO ON WEBSITE)
October 12, 2009
Ken LaRive

Behold, Gentilly New Orleans. Where once children laughed and played till supper time in parks and sidewalks, today it is a lawless banana republic. And what memories they were...

As the sun sank behind oaks, mothers in aprons called their children in for a bath and supper as the buzz of locusts and the bells of St. Raphael Church rang for six o'clock mass. Fathers jumped the last step from the public service busses coming from work, and the soda-lights popped on in blue twilight lit in gold. Through open windows a Ponchartrain breeze blew billowy lace curtains in, and the sounds of children and smells of home cooking out. A dog barked from a back yard, the spring of a screen door twanged and slammed, and the sound of AM TVs came from every direction. Crickets and fireflies came out singing and dancing, and way in the distance one could hear the remnant of a scratched recording of some old circus song from the ice cream man going home.

After supper the entire family would sit on the porch and wave to other families doing the same. Sometimes we would sit without a word, but other times we kids would run laughing across a cool dew-drenched lawn... life in the fifties.

Just memories...

What you see below is the recorded crime of Gentilly just this week. Thugs and thieves, drug dealers and malcontents patrol the night feeding on those who try to pick up their lives after Katrina. Police can do little or nothing to stop it, but record the paperwork on the NOLA site. What a loss. What a crying shame.
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