New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau Statement on Gulf Coast Oil Spill

New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau Statement on Gulf Coast Oil Spill
November 25, 2010
PR Newswire

EW ORLEANS, May 25 /PRNewswire/ -- In the past few weeks, the city of New Orleans has been mistakenly associated to the Gulf Coast oil spill, when in fact, New Orleans is 100 miles inland and resides on the banks of the fresh-water Mississippi River. Stephen Perry, President and CEO of the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau has released the following statement concerning the Gulf of Mexico oil spill as a means to clarify the current situation as it pertains to the city of New Orleans. In an effort to inform consumers, media and travelers on the current state of the city, the following statement has been issued.
"Our hearts go out to our fellow Louisianans on the Gulf Coast who are suffering from this environmental tragedy. New Orleans is 100 miles inland, thus we have avoided any physical or environmental damage and remained unscathed. There has been no adverse impact on the air or water quality in New Orleans, both of which are completely safe. We continue to meet and exceed the expectations of hundreds of thousands of business, leisure travelers, and festival goers."
New Orleans tourism generates $5 billion of new capital flowing into Louisiana each year from visitors, tourists, conventions, and events and another $2 billion of business to business spending.
It is estimated that tourism is responsible for more than 70,000 jobs in the region. 1 of 12 people in Louisiana are employed as a result of tourism.
Tourism generated visitor spending has averaged approximately $600 million per month in 2010.
Tourism generated $200 - $225 million in direct tax revenues for New Orleans. No other business sector generates more tax revenues.
New Orleans hosted 7.5 million visitors 2009.
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