Mayor Mitch Landrieu Is Putting New Orleans In Good Mood

Mayor Mitch Landrieu Is Putting New Orleans In Good Mood
May 5, 2010
Jeff Crouere

Everyone was in a good mood at the inaugural ceremonies on Monday. There is a real sense of excitement about the new Mayor and his new vision for New Orleans.

After our eight year Nagin nightmare, New Orleans is due for some good news and effective leadership. Mitch Landrieu enters office with an astounding mandate and the overwhelming support of the people of New Orleans.

At his inaugural party Monday night, Landrieu was joined by thousands of well wishers at Mardi Gras World. It was an amazing spectacle of support for the new mayor. The gathering was as diverse as the city of New Orleans. Among the crowd were young and old, black and white, men and women, Democrats and Republicans all united in their love of New Orleans and their best wishes for Mitch Landrieu.

The past eight years have been extremely difficult for New Orleans. During the Nagin years, very little was accomplished and problems intensified. The Katrina nightmare impacted everyone in a very traumatic way, but, now, it is time to move forward. It is time for New Orleans to take advantage of its great assets and its great people.

Mitch Landrieu has assembled his team of Deputy Mayors and top administrators. They will be well paid, so they will be expected to perform. In fact, expectations for the entire administration will be very high. New Orleans residents are expecting great things from this Mayor and his new team. Of course, he will get a honeymoon period, but eventually, he will be judged on his accomplishments. This is how any good leader wants to be judged.

One thing is for sure, no matter what Mitch Landrieu does as Mayor, he will be an improvement over the previous Mayor. He will present a polished and competent image for the city. He will not make countless crazy and embarrassing comments that reflect poorly on the city of New Orleans.

He will work hard and try his very best to turnaround the Crescent City. It remains to be seen whether his plans will work, but there is little doubt that he will give this important job his full attention and effort..

Mitch Landrieu will earn his salary, let’s hope and pray, that he earns the praise of his constituents as well.

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