Krewe of Pontchartrain

Krewe of Pontchartrain

P.O. Box 56305
New Orleans, LA
504-561-5726 (Fax)

he Krewe of Pontchartrain was organized in 1975 and is named after Lake Pontchartrain, which forms the northernmost border of New Orleans. The Krewe of Pontchartrain consists of both men and women whose goal is to provide a quality Mardi Gras parade for the citizens of New Orleans and its guests.

Why join the Krewe of Pontchartrain?

There are many reasons to join our Krewe:

* Everyone is welcome to join our Krewe, including visitors to our great city.
* We are the first of 4 parades that roll down St. Charles Ave. and Canal St. that day, which helps ensure a big turnout to see our parade!
* We have many events throughout the year that our members can participate in (Zephyrs game, N.O. Hornets game, Rock ‘n’ Bowl party, etc.).
* The cost of membership is very reasonable, and there are no hidden costs.
* Our “a la carte” approach to Krewe membership and functions. Parade throws and all ticketed events (like the Coronation Ball) can be purchased separately or not at all – it is completely at the discretion of the member! Structuring our membership dues in this manner gives you the flexibility to decide which events to attend and which throws to buy from the Krewe, which can result in a significant cost savings!

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