Greetings from New Orleans!

Greetings from New Orleans!
October 7, 2009
by Nancy Leson
The Seattle Times

Can you believe I've never been to New Orleans -- till now? Me neither. I'm here until Saturday for the Association of Food Journalists annual conference. Our agenda is full-up (and yes, Leslie, I'll give John Besh a big kiss for you). I got in late last night and whoa: it's ghastly humid here. After checking in at my hotel near the French Quarter, I took a languid stroll in hope of finding some cold oysters and an even colder beer. Instead, I ended up on Bourbon Street, which was every bit as much of a zoo as I've always imagined -- only more so.

Acme Oyster House and Galatoire's were already shuttered (and I thought this city didn't sleep).

So I ended up drinking a frozen dacquiri -- which apparently is as popular here as a non-fat latte is in Seattle.

And for my late-night dinner, I had a Philly Girl's version of a New Orleans 'po boy at a joint called Mr. Chubby's Cheesesteaks, owned by a guy named Eric Cohen who (who knew?) grew up in my neck of the woods in Philly. When I asked him which cheesesteak I should try he said, "Do you like shrimp?" Yep. "You hungry?" Yep. "Have the surf and turf!" So I did. And no, I didn't have it "wit whiz" -- though Eric said he goes through plenty of that liquid cheese product.

The next few days are certain to be very, very busy. When I'm not eating, I'll be tweeting. You can keep up with me here on the blog via the Twitter feed below, or on my Twitter page. Now excuse me while I let the goodtimes roll. And do tell: if you were here, where -- and what -- would you eat?

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