Essence Music Fest Raises Spirits In New Orleans

Essence Music Fest Raises Spirits In New Orleans
July 5, 2010

NEW ORLEANS (July 5, 2010)--Some went to help show their support for the Gulf Coast region facing an onslaught of oil from the massive offshore BP spill, but most of those who attended the Essence Music Festival over the weekend in New Orleans went for the food, atmosphere and, of course, the music.

Among the acts for the closing night were Mary J. Blige, Trey Songz and Earth Wind and Fire.

During the weekend, Janet Jackson was one of the big draws.

Organizers tried to get her on the program for years and most fans seemed to feel it was worth the wait.

She performed for more than two hours and Ed Downs of Miami said her show "was impressive."

Former NBA player Anferenee Hardaway called Jackson's performance "absolutely perfect" adding that she "definitely gets better with age."

Near the end of her performance Friday, Jackson did a S&M scene with a male she pulled from the audience.

As Jackson, with whip in hand, worked over the man, whose arms were strapped into a straight jacket the audience went wild.

One man said it was his Father's Day present.
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