Comics 101: Where are my local New Orleans comic shops?

Comics 101: Where are my local New Orleans comic shops?
July 16, 2009
Adam Relayson

For a comics fan, perhaps the most important part of the comics experience is dropping down to your local shop on new comics day (every Wednesday) to browse, peruse, and maybe even discuss our favorite subject. Mail subscription services, while cheaper, will probably never replace shops for this reason. A great local comic shop can make all the difference in your experience. It is a place, not merely of business, but of camaraderie. They are the new club houses, the Geek Lodges.

For someone looking to embark upon a comics interest, it is essential that you choose the right store for you. In the Greater New Orleans area, there are several options.

If you live in New Orleans proper (specifically Uptown) More Fun Comics can be found at 8200 Oak Street, near the great, old Maple Leaf Bar and Rue De La Course coffee house.

For residents of nearby Metairie two stores are available to you.

BSI Comics stands across from one of the Lakeside Mall parking garages at 3030 Severn Avenue, Suite F. BSI is owned and operated by Jason Grazulias. Their website features an assortment of articles, updates and even webcomics.

A little further down is Media Underground Comics. The owner, Ronnie, is one of the organizers of the recent New Orleans Comics Convention. Media Underground can be found at 4524 Shores Dr.Suite 13 one block over from the corner of Clearview Parkway and West Esplanade Avenue.

If you live on the Westbank of the Mississippi, Terrytown Cards and Comics can be found at 506 Terry Parkway, Suite B1. Terrytown comics is just up the street from the Oakwood Mall.

If you're moving or live further beyond the New Orleans area, Comic Shop Locator features a full list of proper comics shops, including some profiles.
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