Brad Pitt - Brad Pitt Discusses New Orleans Charity Work

Brad Pitt - Brad Pitt Discusses New Orleans Charity Work
August 24, 2010

Brad Pitt appears in a new documentary tonight (24.08.10).

The actor will talk about his work in New Orleans - which was left devastated by Hurricane Katrina five years ago - in the Spike Lee-directed 'If God is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise'.

Brad spearheaded the Make it Right project - a non-profit homebuilding organisation set up after the natural disaster - which built over 50 affordable and sustainable homes in one of the areas of New Orleans that was worst hit.

The 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' actor says the project has "exceeded expectations."

The documentary originally ended on a positive note, with the New Orleans Saints NFL team winning the Super Bowl, but after the gulf oil spill in April, Spike extended the programme to include the impact it had on the area.

Brad recently caused controversy when he hinted he advocated the death penalty for those responsible for the oil spill.

He said: "I was never for the death penalty before - I am willing to look at it again."
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