Best vodka drink in New Orleans: The Columns Hotel

Best vodka drink in New Orleans: The Columns Hotel
June 24, 2009
Ashley Rouen

3811 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70115

Finding a good vodka drink in New Orleans may seem like an easy task, but how many times have you been handed a drink you've waited ten minutes for only to find that what you ordered tastes more like pure H20 and gives you less of a buzz than if you had asked for a nonalcoholic beer?? Mixing vodka is a game of precision. Too much can ruin a drink and too little can ruin your night. Hopefully in New Orleans your cup will always overfloweth, but if you've had some bad luck with weak drinks, or if you're in the mood to have a presentable cocktail, one that's not served in a plastic cup, The Columns Hotel serves some straight up delicious vodka drinks.
Situated in the residential Garden District and underneath the oaks of St. Charles Avenue, The Columns Hotel is the best uptown spot for classic cocktails. With a fully stocked bar, the Skyy is the limit, and anything you order will be shaken not stirred.
The Columns is all about class. The Victorian style house offers three rooms for seating inside. Larger parties can spread out in the dining room and listen to the featured jazz band of the night. If the weather is nice, the patio is relaxing and the waiters and waitresses come to you. Dressed in black bow ties, the staff is helpful and attentive, making sure your evening is as carefree as possible.
Also one of New Orleans most historic hotels, their 19 rooms were recently renovated If you can snag a room here over Mardi Gras, your stay in New Orleans during the most hectic times of the year will be made easy. Conveniently located on the parade route, you'll be able to watch the floats roll by from your hotel window and will always have a nearby bathroom available. Not only is it located on the parade route, but on the streetcar line as well, making getting around the city easy. The hotel also offers a complimentary Southern breakfast for guests daily and Sunday Jazz Brunch, open to all, from 11am-3pm.
What to drink--
Start off strong with a Dirty Martini, served in their special new stemless glassware. Or if you don't like 'em dirty, they make a great Lemon Drop. Their Cosmos are tasty but potent. For the vodka soda fans, try Stoli Blueberry with a lemon--the combination takes the drink to its height.
At The Columns, New Orleans is timeless and so are the drinks. Head there for pre or post dinner cocktails any night of the week.
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